Meet Jean

I’m Jean and I love to help you capture your most treasured life moments.  I believe that since time doesn’t stand still, it is so important to freeze those special fleeting moments and create family treasures to pass to future generations. Your photographer becomes your personal artist and family historian. Portraits are an important and invaluable investment. I would love to use my heart and my talent to help you tell your family story at whatever stage of life you are in.

Having always had an obsession with photography, I am more in love with capturing special moments than ever. I grew up in a family of photographers and I purchased my first 35mm SLR camera with high school graduation gift money. I have taken so many photos and video, that I legitimately earned my family’s nickname, “Mammarazzi”. I began “shooting” professionally in 1990 as various opportunities presented themselves until 2009 when I officially opened my full-time photography business as Jean Johnson Productions.

I have a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Interior Design. In college, I worked in a graphic arts firm and an architecture firm. After graduation, I became an ASID certified Interior Designer and built a career in Commercial Interior Design and Space Planning. The years between my interior design career and opening my full time photography business were spent raising 3 children and focusing on the blessings of being a mom.

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